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Jaylene Cook



“I’m having so much fun on Alua! Being able to connect with people that I wouldn’t usually have the opportunity to do so has been an absolute blast! I’ve made some really special connections which I can’t wait to explore further! 😍”




“With a following of over 300,000 on my social platforms, I found myself missing the close initial connections I had with my fans. That's why I decided to open my exclusive page on Alua, to connect with a close-knit, positive, and non-judgmental community that celebrates true self-expression. I've tried other platforms, I won't deny it, but Alua, for me, is the best. The bond you can create here is something unique.”

Karma lee



“I love using Alua because it is simple and had a straight forward layout. Easy access and easy to promote. I also love the self promotion aspect on the app. It’s clear that alua actually cares about its creators and puts the work in to show that :)”

Claudia Romani



“I love the fact that Alua is classier than other apps and we are valued creators. The customer service responds immediately, we can report harassment, never have a problem with payments, good payout methods. Life long referrals I love Alua ❤️”


“Alua has become my favorite messaging app. I love the simplicity with which I can communicate with my followers and develop friendships. As a creator, it’s often challenging to respond to messages, but Alua makes it effortless with the interface being super user-friendly. Overall, I highly recommend Alua to anyone seeking a seamless and private way of messaging, and especially creatives looking to connect better with their followers!”

Liliane Sirivejchaphan



“I love Alua, I've been with them for so long! I love how there is 24hour Customer Support, also they walk you through the whole App and I can cash out every $20 right to my PayPal which comes within few minutes! Also there are fans in the platform, plus the referral program is easy and nice. You can make $ off chats, contents, and subscriptions! The fans on Alua are big spenders.”

Sarah Nicole



“What I enjoy the most is connecting with people from all around the world, I’ve met some really amazing people on Alua. I also have more freedom to share the content that I want and I love it”

Alessia Marseglia



“I have been on Alua for more than 4 years and thanks to the App I was able to get in touch with many people around the world. I spend a lot of time on Alua as I enjoy using it so much and find my days have been a lot of fun since being active on the platform!”

Heather Schofield



“I’m loving how easy the site / app is to navigate and use. I can be at the gym, home or anywhere and still be able to jump on the app and reply to people with ease”

Amber Moon



“No other platform has given me traffic and customers right away. I'm now going to be using Alua full time, It's so easy to use and is an amazing platform that enables me to monetise mesages and videos”


“You can promote within the app which is cool! I’ve already made money within my first few hours, you could never with another platform, especially that quick”

Cecilia Gomez



“Been using Alua for one day only! and i’ve already made so much money! great app to meet new people from around the world. Also love how Alua support is there to help you 24/7 with any questions. awesome way to build your social media platform! and engage with your followers and fans. Highly recommend!!🤍”

Georgina Knight



“I love how Alua is easy and friendly to use, specially for us creators! I love being stay-at-home model with Alua. Being able to interact with my fans and gives me income both at the same time. More power to you Alua, and can't wait for the new feature updates. 🫶🏻💕”


“I’m really enjoying the app, it’s everything I was looking for in other platforms. One of the things I really love is the fact you're able to promote on your socials and when someone signs up via your link your boosted to be seen, it’s nice for a site to give back in that way as many don’t. It’s nice to have safety over our content when posted to this site. The biggest thing is the fact that chats are paid unless you change it and that’s a game changer 🙌”

Anitta Harder



“I ve been with Alua for a while now and I can say from the bottom of my heart that it s way much better than OF 💙🤍Love to interact with my fans on a more personal level and share my photos and videos ❤️”


“Alua is a great way to be more connected with your Fans, it provides much more of a personable connection”

Niecey Noo



“I love using Alua. It’s so easy to use, keeps my socials harassment free and helps keep my fans and followers happy. I'm in the top 2% as well, what’s not to love 🥰❤️”

Tatted Pench



“A friend told me about Alua, I was hesitant until I went through the verification and they made me feel everything is safe and secure. I'm very thankful for the opportunity, compensation is better than anything else. My content on social media won't make a penny, but in Alua my smile alone pays my rent.”

Leon Ruiz



“No other platform has given me traffic and customers right away. I'm now going to be using Alua full time, It's so easy to use and is an amazing platform that enables me to monetise messages and videos. Earn money Very easy transfer in account I am happy with this Alua App.”


“I really like the fact that Alua is an app because it's great to interact with my Fans easily in one place.”

Edilma Angel



“I love the diversity of interests and perspectives I find at Alua! I can always count on someone at Alua to brighten my day! I feel so lucky to be a part of the amazing Alua community! The Alua community always makes me feel welcome and valued, I can't imagine my life without Alua and all the love and support I receive from the community!”

Sweet Marialu



“I’m very glad that I decided to apply as a model for Alua , the staff is very nice and helpful and the app is awesome i start to earn a nice amount of money form the begging. Thank you Alua for having me as a model ❤️❤️❤️”

Rosemary Cedano



“Alua is the best, They help you to understand everything, They help you when you are starting to create your page, Also when you get your money they do everything possible to deliver it to you, If the application is not available in your country they look for a solution. Alua is the best 🥰🥰”




“thank you for your opportunity, the application is very good and satisfied with your work. I like how it is decorated and how it offers the opportunity to be followed by other people who are not on my social networks”




“The app is a good place to be able to message people and reply to others & fans its easy to use and i love talking to new people x”

Jessy Erinn



“I love using Alua because it allows me to get personal with my fans ! Gives us a safe place to chat and get to know each other on a deeper level. Benefitting the creator and the fans :) it’s a great platform and I can’t wait for more people to start using it. 😍”




“Alua is so easy to use, not too complicated, you get paid from just texting back too, you don't have to look for the people they just find you and text you which makes it really simple to earn.”

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